Saturday, 28 September 2013

A Ferryman Joke

They had stayed the night on the island resort,
the speeches and the photos were done,
their lifetime's wealth gone on ceremony.

Clothes changed now to depart anon,
thanked everyone for being so kind,
paid the massive bill
and waited out at the river

They waited around,
they heard the ferryman growl.
The voice of the bride begged, "do it!"
Voices left and right yelled, "do it!"
An angry answer came back from the shore;
"Ye haven't a clue:

If you don't pay the ferryman
he simply won't think twice:
If you don't pay the ferryman
he won't get you to the other side."

(Explanation: On 27th September 2013, guests at Waterford Castle Hotel found themselves stranded on Little Island in Waterford City. A civil dispute had arisen between the ferryman and the hotel management. The hotel is currently in receivership and it is thought that it was in debt to the private ferry service. 
I wrote this to the tune and rhyme of the Chris De Burgh song Don't Pay The Ferryman.
Inspired by: RTÉ news story, Don't Pay The Ferryman by Chris De Burgh)