Sunday, 27 October 2013

Holy Night

Scapulars in place
wimples under chin
Do I need a breastplate?
Yes, guimopes are in.
Is a veil part of the vow
or should we all don coronets?
Don't forget your shoes now,
sensible is best.

A couple lost a son
and Christy Walsh did undertake
to inspire everyone
to support a record break.
Not only did they do it
but he also got two fines
for serving fifteen hundred sisters
after legal closing time.

I can't help but feel annoyed:
Were there not any other sins
to keep the guards employed
during the nuns' well-deserved lock-ins?

(Explanation: Christy Walsh, a Listowel publican, ran Nunday on 30th June 2012. Over 1400 people dressed in full nun's habit turned out and broke a world record. A Co. Kerry family had lost their son to suicide and Walsh organised the event to raise funds for Pieta House. The celebrations went on past closing time and Walsh's pub was raided twice by the guards resulting in his being fined.
Inspired by: article)