Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dead Lucky

Don't get sick in Brazil
unless you're set for death
and maybe make a will
asking for a double check.
Pack up all you'll need,
toothbrush and a towel,
something nice to read
and a suit for being laid out.
You won't need to buy
a body bag yourself,
if they think you've died
they'll get one off the shelf
and they're very good
at stuffing orifices tight
they'll pack the cotton wool
and tie your left leg to your right.
Be sure to have a saint revered
to help you fight your corner
Irma Dulce played a blinder here
once the funeral was paid for.

(Explanation: Last month in Salvador, Brazil, Valdelucio Concalves woke up in a body bag after doctors in the hospital he was in declared him dead. Inspired by: article)